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I got MGS4 for Father’s Day yesterday. Quite a nice gift, I have to say. The game’s been getting great reviews, plus Tosh and others here give it the thumbs up. What other endorsements do I really need?

I didn’t get a chance to play the game beyond going into a training mission and figuring out the controls. But I did install the game, install MGO Online, and get both my Konami ID and GAMER ID (for online play).

What the? Konami ID and Gamer ID? Why the heck do I need those? Beats me. Something about being able to buy stuff, which I don’t plan to do anyway. Grrrrrr. (I’ll have to PAY for additional character slots playing online? That’s crazy.) But man is it a pain in the butt. The two ID’s can’t be the same. But they have to contain numbers, letters, a period, and an underscore (or somesuch stupidity). The password for the first can contain letters, the password for the second must only be numbers. And they’re of different lengths.

The whole reason for having to get these stupid ID’s is beyond me. But if they’re gonna make me do this, they could at least make the process easier. And just one ID, not two. Crazy. If I were a reviewer, I’d dock half a point just for this idiocy.