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PS3 Overtakes 360 in Cumulative Sales in Europe

Last month, there was a dispute about whether PS3 had overtaken the Xbox 360 in cumulative sales. Sony Europe exec David Reeves claimed that it had, while Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg said that this was definitely false and subsequently accused Sony of “snowing” the press. Microsoft exec Shane Kim also said that Sony’s claim was questionable.

Recently, vgchartz, a small game industry stat tracker says, that according to their data, the PS3 has been consistently outselling the 360 by 2-to-1 and has just recently overtaken the 360 in cumulative sales.

Xbox 360 has sold an average of 41,023 units per week in Europe since launching in 2005. PS3 has caught the Xbox 360 in Europe by selling an average of 83,860 units over 65 weeks of sales in Europe, a pace roughly double Xbox 360 sales but still off the pace of Wii and PS2.

Sony may be using slightly different measuring criteria, or may have prematurely jumped the gun by a few weeks, but this sounds pretty convincing.