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Media Molecule Interview

Sometimes I wish had some clout. Then we could do interviews like this one with Media Molecule, the makers of the upcoming LittleBigPlanet! Not a whole lot was revealed that was new, but there was this interesting little nugget:

Q: Can we expect more quirky music (featured in the trailers) in the game?
Absolutely. We’ve got some real gems in there. I won’t name them now and spoil the surprise. But we’ve got … well, I forget the number. We’ve got several really cool tunes in there from bands that aren’t necessarily very well known. In addition to that, we’ve got a whole set of interactive pieces of music. So, things like the Go Team track are effectively licensed track that you can place into a level if you like and they just play. But we’ve got some other pieces of music where you can actually tinker with a virtual mixer, so you can alter what they sound like. You can alter the drums, or the bass, or change the vocal parts. You can sequence that and have different mixers throughout the game. Hours of fun just messing with that. I’m not going to say more about that … but that’s very cool. There’s some exciting things related to that in store. It’s something that’s never been done before, I don’t think.

I think that this is going to be the game that really puts the PS3 on the map. Seriously! Shooters are a dime a dozen these days, but LittleBigPlanet is something new, interesting, and creative. Not only that, but it’s cute enough to appeal to the youngsters but not cloying like Nintendo’s cute. So grown-ups can like it too. So this game will appeal to everyone.

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