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The Most Addictive Game Ever

I am of course talking about PixelJunk Monsters and the expansion PJM Encore. It has to be the most addictive game I’ve ever played.

I had never played a tower defence game before so when I downloaded the demo from the Japanese PS Store ages ago, I wasn’t expecting much but it had me hooked straight away. I’ve even been playing this more than MGS4! 🙂

It’s one of the best games available on the PS3 (including all disc based games, not just games available on the PSN) along with Super Stardust: HD.

I’m currently on a mission to get all Rainbows on every stage! I haven’t felt the need to master any game for a long time but I need to get all the Rainbows on all stages.

I just have 2 left to get on PJM and 3 on PJM Encore.

It’s such a simple game yet it’s superb fun. It can be played in bursts or in a mammoth session which is always great. The problem with MGS4 is that I can’t save at any moment so I’ve been limited to when I can play it and PJM has been great for those times when I have had 30mins free here and there.

If you haven’t bought it or if you have but you’re wondering if PJM Encore is worth getting, then I would highly recommend both.

You get 15 new stages in Encore and it’s a lot harder than PJM. There are some hellish stages. 🙂

There’s also a nice surprise when you complete all stages on Encore but I won’t spoil it.

The only gripe I have at the moment is that your friends’ total scores for the Island on PJM aren’t available, so you can’t compare total scores like you can on Encore. I hope this is updated in the future.

PixelJunk Monsters Website for scoring tips