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PS3 Games to Require Trophies, Eventually

IGN gives a pretty thorough summary of everything that’s in the new 2.40 firmware update. There’s nothing substantially new there that we haven’t seen in the press release or videos, except for this:

For third-parties, Sony promises that many developers are working to add Trophies into their games for this fall and onward. For the near future, Sony will not require that developers feature Trophy support in their games as some titles may be too far along to easily add them. However, at an undisclosed point in the future, all PlayStation 3 releases will indeed be required to make use of Trophies. We’re hoping that’s sooner than later.

Now that’s news that I like to hear. Frankly, I think that Sony’s approach of letting developers do what they want is only good to a point. There are some games that just have to have certain features, and as far as trophies go, I think that all games should support them. So kudos to Sony for getting this right too. (Frankly, I think that all racing games should support custom soundtracks.)

As a side note, I was surprised by how impressed the IGN folks were with the leveling up system Sony’s implemented. It never occurred to me that having levels might be better than just a total points system. As a big action RPG fan (I cried when I heard Diablo 3’s not coming to consoles), I should have seen the merit right away. Tsk tsk on me.

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