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2.40 In-Game Music: What’s New About It?

Lots of people have been vexed by the lack of in-game music control after updating to firmware version 2.40. Wasn’t this supposed to be one of the features of the new firmware? Sony certainly touts it as such, and give a demonstration using PixelJunk Monsters in one of their firmware videos.

Talking to Gary, I find out that this feature is NOT supported by PixelJunk Monsters. The version of PJM in the video must have been a “special” version. Other people have tried other games, and sure enough, in-game soundtrack support is just not there.

Now, this isn’t surprising really. Because the fine print says that this new feature is only available in games that support it. Okay…

But then – what is new about this feature? Super Stardust HD suppported in-game soundtracks before firmware 2.40. Other games did as well. So why is Sony touting this as a new feature in firmware 2.40? We’ve had in-game soundtrack support for a while now, for games that support it.

Here’s my guess.

Prior to 2.40, if a developer wanted to use in-game soundtrack support, they’d have to give up some of their own precious memory resources to use it. I’m thinking that now that 2.40 has hit, it’s now fully integrated into the runtime PS3 OS, so developers no longer have to take a memory hit to use this feature. Makes sense, right? Maybe that’s why the upcoming Cagney update for Burnout Paradise adds soundtrack support, but is being released after firmware 2.40.

Can anyone confirm or deny? Anyone have contacts at Sony? 🙂