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Survey: PlayStation Home. Excited? Or skeptical?

There’s a lot of both excitement and skepticism about PlayStation Home. Here’s a list of common reasons for each. What’s your take on the issue?


Reasons to Get Excited for Home

  • Character avatars provide informal non-verbal communication that you don’t get with plain text/voice chat.
  • The Second Life or Web3D type concept has untapped potential and PlayStation Home looks like a much more polished and accessible system
  • Platform-wide lobby and community.
  • Attend E3-like press events yourself virtually rather than read media coverage off of a web site.
  • Game or movie promotional web sites might be more interesting as a virtual place that you can actually walk into and observe the vibe of the crowd.


Reasons to be Skeptical of Home

  • 3D avatar centric interface is unnecessarily bulky compared to a simple menu-driven interface. Even if both style of interfaces are available, why bother with the 3D version?
  • What’s the point? Feature set doesn’t look compelling compared to existing socialization and community systems.
  • Lofty concepts like this often look amazing on paper when everything is in your imagination, but the finished products usually never meet those ambitions.
  • Reports from beta users are rather underwhelming.

UPDATE: Minor additions to skeptical list.