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Bioshock, Trophies and Home

You’ll be able to see the first gameplay footage of Bioshock for the PS3 tomorrow on GGTV. Geoff Keighley wrote on his GameTrailers blog:

Another game set to debut on the show is BioShock PLAYSTATION 3. Now I know what you’re thinking….’why are you guys making a big deal out of a port?’ Well I can’t spoil the surprise just yet, but let me tell you there is way more to this game than you might think. There have been hints about some “exclusive features” in the game and on Monday night I’ll finally reveal the details on Spike – and of course show you the first real gameplay footage from the PS3 version. Believe me, this is going to get people talking!

Hopefully the gameplay footage will shut up all the people that have said the game looks crap on the PS3 based on a couple of images of the game.

There’s also the possibility that Bioshock will have some features connected to Home when it’s released. Looking at Game’s website, there is the Home symbol on the box. They also have the release date down for 24th October 2008.

I’ve checked out a few other sites but none have the same box art so it could be fake.

One thing that definitely isn’t fake however, are Trophies in Bioshock. Andrew Rudson, Programmer at Digital Extremes, who are assisting with various 2K studios in bringing Bioshock to the PS3 had the following to say:

While working on BioShock PS3, I had the opportunity to be one of the first developers to make use of the new PSN Trophy system. Trophies are unlocked by completing specific in-game challenges, and are a much-anticipated feature among PlayStation fans. Each Trophy is graded based on its relative difficulty: bronze, silver and gold being the most difficult. Additionally, there is one platinum Trophy per title, which is automatically unlocked after you’ve earned every other Trophy. From a development stand-point, the Trophy system implemented by Sony handles most of the work: displaying notifications; storing the status of Trophy; rejecting duplicates; etc. The game simply initializes the Trophy system, and at the appropriate time, asks it to unlock Trophies.

Integrating this system into BioShock was fairly smooth for the most part, but as with any new console functionality, there were some bumps in the road. We experienced slight delays in the game when the Trophies were unlocked with each new accomplishment – for example when you first hacked a machine, there would be a pause before the Trophy showed up rewarding you. Additionally, we tackled the problem of processing multiple Trophies; if you were good enough to zap four Splicers in water at the same time, the system would want to give you four Trophies, and we had to smooth out the system so that even when you achieved several duplicate Trophies at once, the system only awarded you one, without delay. However, beyond these technical challenges, the Trophy system integration was by-and-large a painless process.

We’re in the final stages now, which basically just means testing that Trophies unlock when they are supposed to, and translating the descriptions of each Trophy into FIGS (French, Italian, German, and Spanish). The Trophies themselves are beautiful – kudos to the art team who made them a perfect fit for the world of Rapture on the PS3 – and seeing this system in its final testing stages is a wonderful example of how far BioShock PS3 has come over the past few months, and how hard everyone on the team has worked perfecting each new aspect of the game.

Cult of Rapture

It will be very interesting to see what ‘extras’ the PS3 version of Bioshock will come with, out of the box, and how well it runs on the PS3.

I just hope that the Trophies in Bioshock add something different to how you play the game and not some generic “complete the game in X number of hours without dying” etc.