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What to Expect from Sony at E3, 2008

First, a Look Back at Sony’s Surprises from E3, 2007

  • Redesigned PSP hardware
  • Surprise price drop on North America PS3 hardware
  • New Game Unveilings: Echochrome, Infamous
  • First Looks at WipeoutHD and Socom and Killzone 2
  • Exclusivity Announcements for Metal Gear Solid 4, Haze, and UT3
  • ncSoft partnership and future PS3 exclusive MMOs
  • More footage and more details about all other upcoming titles.

In hindsight, it was a fairly surprise packed show. MGS4 was a huge hit, but other titles were disappointing (Haze), and several still haven’t been released. The delays of the MMO type titles, such as Home and the ncSoft titles, are somewhat understandable since longer than usual delays and dev cycles are the norm for that type of game.

What to Expect from Sony at E3, 2008

New Games

Judging by past events, most new games that will be announced will likely still be in early development and won’t be ready to ship until late 2009 or so. However, I would expect a few 2008 surprises similar to how Sony revealed Folklore only a five months before it hit shelves in May 2007. Prime Sony Studio candidates for new game unveilings are: Team ICO, Naughty Dog, SCEA Santa Monica, Zipper, SCEE London. More games for the PlayStation Eye? More PSN titles? First look at flOwer?

Third Party Deals

Last year, they announced several surprising third party deals. Since we haven’t heard much since then, hopefully that means that there are some new developments that will be made public at the show. Namco has hinted at one PS3 exclusive that we will hear about (probably a Tales title that parallels the 360/Wii Tales titles). Will there be anything new with Square? Maybe we will hear more about that Rockstar PS3 exclusive that Sony execs hinted at?


We are sure to hear about their movie-on-demand service. Will we hear about their planned music-on-demand service as well?


Sony has been very tight-lipped about hardware in the past. Almost no one saw the price and hardware changes that were announced at least year’s E3 (although the redesigned PSP was widely rumored before hand). I’m not expecting anything, but I’m hoping to be surprised. Specifically, I’m hoping for lighter, slimmer PS3 hardware. They’ve already shrunk the CPU technology to smaller, cooler 65nm technology and they plan to make the same change to GPU hardware as well. Additionally, manufacturers are making blu-ray drives that are much slimmer than what current PS3’s use. Routine logic board optimizations and simplifications are also expected. A slimmer PS3 is inevitable, it’s just a question of when.


It wouldn’t be a big show, without the surprises.

Anyone have any other E3 predictions or wish lists?