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Killzone 2 Badge & Class System

Killzone 2 is going to have several classes. Each class has a primary badge and a secondary badge. Don’t like the way those badges are mixed in the predefined classes below? You can create your own class and specify your own primary and secondary badges. Pretty cool. Here are the classes.


The default multiplayer character is assigned when no primary badge is selected. A secondary badge may still be added. Riflemen can start with most weapons, except for the specialized ones.


Primary badge ability: Sets up an automated turret which targets the enemy.

Secondary badge ability: Repairs ammunition dispensers, mounted guns, and automated turrets.


Primary badge ability: Revives downed team mates.

Secondary badge ability: Throws a health pack, which can be picked up by other players


Primary badge ability: Uses a cloaking suit to become near-invisible.

Secondary badge ability: Tags all on-screen enemy players with a hidden marker, which broadcasts their coordinates to team mates.


Primary badge ability: Dons heavy armour twice as strong as normal.

Secondary badge ability: Temporarily boosts running speed.


Primary badge ability: Throws a coloured smoke grenade, which serves as a spawn point.

Secondary badge ability: Requests air support from a sentry bot which targets the enemy


Primary badge ability: Assumes the disguise of a randomly selected enemy player.

Secondary badge ability: Throws a sticky, proximity-activated C-4 charge.

Pretty neat, huh? Personally, I like the scout’s ability to tag enemy players for others to see. The first class I’ll create will probably have that as a secondary ability, along with the Saboteur’s ability to disguise oneself as the primary ability.

Disclaimer: I found this info all over the place on the ‘net. But I didn’t find the official source for it yet. If anyone has the link, I’d appreciate it.