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Fat Princess: Offensive?

From IGN’s preview:

All the enemies that are assaulting your base will be trying to get in and get their fair lady out. Now, you can kill these guys if you like, but your best defense is to go outside of your stronghold and find pieces of cake and other dessert items. You’ll then bring these snacks to the opponent’s princess, force her to eat them, and watch her get fatter. Big gals are heavy and that means your opponents are going to have in groups to carry her fat ass back home.


The fat thing is a little weird, but aside from that, the game sounds really fun and has generated a lot of excitement. However, the fat thing has caused others to get quite offended:

—but the only thing I can’t figure out is why anyone would want to rescue a fat princess in the first place, since everyone knows that fat girls are unlovable human garbage at whom any sensible bloke would sooner hurl invective than cast a longing glance.


UPDATE: Removed semi-offensive picture

So are fat people taking this cartoon action game a little too seriously? Or maybe the game should have toned down the force feeding fat girls cake gameplay?