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Killzone 2 Objections

Here’s some campaign mode single-player Killzone 2 action for you in the form of another video. And while Killzone 2 looks totally awesome and all, I finally have to voice some grievances after seeing these annoyances once again in this video.

Here’s my list of things I foresee being annoying or problematic in Killzone 2:

  1. A Six Shooter?
    We can load ourselves up on spaceships and fly to the Helghast’s home planet to bring war across worlds, but we still use revolvers? What the heck?
  2. Annoying Green Sight
    Inline with the technology complaint above, I’m sure that in the future they can come up with a much better sight than that dingy green annoying thing. I mean seriously! Get rid of that and give us better sights with a better field of view. Even the weapons in Call of Duty 4 look better than these, and Call of Duty 4 is set in the present day!
  3. Reloading Too Often
    Now this one might be a false alarm. Playing shooters, it’s second nature to reload after shooting at an enemy. But looking at this video, it looked like there was just too much reloading going on. I don’t want to have to reload after firing 5 shots. That’s just too much.
  4. Eight Maps
    I know this isn’t in the video, but it’s still a grievance! Multiplayer mode will only ship with eight maps. That’s a really small number. Call of Duty 4 shipped with something like 12 or 16 maps, didn’t it? Even then, the map pack was a great relief when it came. Eight maps just isn’t enough for what looks to be a AAA title like this. And don’t be feeding me the downloadable content line either. You know that those maps will cost the money, which isn’t fair considering the paltry number of maps the game ships with. This is actually my biggest complaint, and if Guerilla were to fix only one thing, I hope they fix this!