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PSP < iPhone < PS3

John Carmack, a respected authority on programming and 3D performance said this:

Taking the comparison to more current game hardware, he stated that iPhone is “more powerful than a Nintendo DS and Sony PSP combined,” perhaps even nearing the capabilities of the PS2 and original Xbox.

His point is that the iPhone should be able to host more technically sophisticated portable games and that’s great.

But on the flip side, I think it’s safe to say that the PS3 has far more horsepower than even the iPhone. So why can’t Sony put a more sophisticated web browser on the PS3? Have you used the iPhone’s web browser? It’s awesome. Clearly, the PS3 has the hardware to do something even better.


Does anyone use the PS3 browsr? The PS3 can’t use sites like Google Docs at all and has to use GMail in older browser compatibility mode. By comparison, the iPhone isn’t as nice as a PC, but it’s completely usable, and it’s great when you’re not sitting at a desk.