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PixelJunk Eden Impressions


  • Fun “Fun” is such a vague term to use, but I can’t think of a more appropriate word to describe this game. I was worried that this game would be be more of an abstract thought experiment than an enjoyable title, but fortunately, this game really is fun. And not just for the first hour, but even ten to twenty hours in. It looks like the developers started with that distinct visual “look” and then built an actual game around that, so it’s surprising to see the overall product come together and gel so well into a finished game.
  • Unique This is easily one of the more unique titles this console generation, and more importantly it’s one of the few unique titles that is actually really good. This is technically a 2D platformer, but it definitely doesn’t play like any other platformers that I’ve played in the past. The visual vines and plant style of the game looks very similar to LocoRoco Cocorecho, which was also a unique and clever title, but this is overall a far more playable game.
  • Extras They really packed a lot of extras into this 144 MB download: Local co-op play for up to three people, full support for the new Trophy system, movie capture + YouTube upload integration, and native 1080p rendering. I usually don’t care about bullet point lists like this, but every one of these actually adds to the game. I’m still playing on an SDTV so I can’t enjoy 1080p yet, and the trophies are all ridiculously hard to get. But the video recording and YouTube video integration worked surprisingly well. It couldn’t have been easier.
  • Progression There are ten main levels (“gardens”) in the game and every single one feels fresh. Each garden has it’s own visual theme and soundtrack, but once you get to approximately the fifth garden, each garden has a new surprise twist to it. Just when you think you’ve seen all the game has to offer, it surprises with something new.


This is easily the best game in the PixelJunk series yet, and I’d hesitantly suggest this as the best downloadble PSN title that we’ve seen so far. It’s really that good. I don’t want to overhype this too much: it’s still a relatively simple game compared to most full price titles, the game can get frustrating on the higher levels, and I’m sure most players will tire of this after a good twenty hours or so. But this is exactly what most gamers want for a $10 downloadable purchase.

Here is me clearing the first spectra from Garden 8 in record time (this was blind luck). This video looks rather drab. Most of the game looks more visually exciting.