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Burnout: Paradise in September

Coming in the free “Davis” update to Burnout: Paradise next month is: bikes! And day and night cycles! And weather! And more wow than ever!

We’ve got two rides ready to go – Day 1. Just head for your nearest junkyard in Paradise City to pick up the FV1100 street bike and the stunning Japanese Firehawk racing bike. That’ll do for a start, but there’s more in store once you’ve played a little way through the bike-specific gameplay. We’ll bring you more on these vehicles in a future post.

From the second we added the first prototype bike, we wanted to cruise the streets of Paradise City at night. So, in addition to the bikes, we’re adding night to the game. You’ll see day cycle through to night and see the city change with it. Paradise City takes on a life of its own once the rush hour traffic thins out!

The folks at Criterion are going further for the gamer than any other developer with free updates. This is great stuff. I just picked up this game last week and have had a lot of fun just tooling around the city learning the lay of the land. Steve gave it a try last night too and gave it his thumbs up. For only $40 new, and cheaper than that used, I think that this game belongs in every PS3 owner’s library.

Too bad it doesn’t have splitscreen… (just had to get that in there).

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