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Metal Gear Online - Instructor Mode

This is exactly why I like MGO: it’s so unique. It has so many things that other games don’t have. And this is another to add to that list. It started one night when I logged on for a few minutes and there was a news flash about the very first Instructor class, and only 15 people could get in. So I waited until 10 pm and refreshed like crazy and tried to join, but sadly I couldn’t get in.

But after a few days a lot of other people got to be a Instructor so it’s fairly easy to become an Instructor now. It really is a great place to refine your skills. I learned from one Instructor a easier way to get head shots from mid to close range.

Basically to become an Instructor you need to be in a room with an Instructor for 30 minutes then the Instructor will get a pop up message saying “User name can Graduate” (something like that). Then the instructor can wait for others to qualify or just start the Graduation Ceremony. I won’t say what it involves, but it’s fun to see for the first time. But even if you don’t get to graduate you at least get to watch. Just be sure to select yes to save after!

The Instructor can choose to promote you or not, so be respectful! This is me as an instructor 🙂

I promoted 3 guys to Instructors last night, it was fun. We just chatted and tested out various things. Make each other fart, lol. See pics below 😛 Click on any of the pics in the post to enlarge them.

Join Combat Training

Join a game in which you can receive Combat Training from the host player. Just like with “Join Game” in Free Battle, you can check what kind of game it is before joining. *Your skills during Combat Training will be the same as those set by the instructor.

Notes on Combat Training


In this mode, you will receive various lectures from the instructor. What the lectures are about are decided by the host instructor.
Check the comments when selecting a game, and choose one that you would like to learn more about.

Practice Mode

Practice mode comes after lecture mode and gives you a chance to apply what you just learned in a Team Death match. The instructor will be there to guide you along the way.


The instructor will decide whether a player deserves to “Graduate” after receiving a certain amount of combat training. If a player has what it takes and shows proper etiquette, then you can graduate them.

“Graduation” is one of the conditions necessary for obtaining the Instructor skill, which allows you to create your own “Combat Training” sessions.

Instructor Skill

To become an instructor and create combat training sessions, you must have the “Instructor Skill”. To earn this skill, you must clear certain conditions. We trust that all of you with the Instructor Skill will raise fine soldiers. Good luck!

MGO Online Manual