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MotorStorm 2 4-Player Splitscreen

I know that this news isn’t new, and I don’t think that this screenshot is even new, but seeing it today I got excited all over again that we’re finally gonna have a next- this-gen racing game that supports four players. This is gonna rock for my friends and me. The last time we did any amount of 4 player racing was PGR2 on the original Xbox.

Remember that, in addition to 4 player splitscreen, this game will also offer many more tracks than the original MotorStorm did. And custom soundtracks! And trophy support!


I’d like to ask two things of the developer, though, if you’re reading this:

  1. Spread the on-screen graphics out a bit. They are getting in the way of seeing what’s actually happening. I know you do this because of overscan, but different sets have different amounts of overscan. Maybe you can make this adjustable? Or put the stats in a vertical column near the middle split?
  2. Put me in the beta! I want to play this! I want to play this with my friends! Pretty pretty please?

That’s it!

Screenshot – MotorStorm 2