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PSN Video Store Can’t Come to Canada Soon Enuf!

Sony’s planning to bring the PSN video store to Canada, and I can’t wait.

I recently stopped my Canflix subscription (it’s like Netflix in the States). The service was too slow and I’m having problems with Canada Post eating my movies and Canflix blaming it on me. I had the same problem with Sheesh.

So now I don’t have a source of a wide range of easily procured movies. I’m a lazy sort and don’t want to go to the local Rogers. And besides, their selection isn’t all that good anyway.

But I read recently about one guy’s effort to rent the movie “21”. He said that there wasn’t any rental option, only purchase. Do any of you in the States have comments as to how many movies are rentals versus buys versus both? HD versus SD? 5.1 surround versus stereo?

Because I’m personally wanting to:

1) Rent, not buy.
2) HD, not crappy SD.
3) In full surround sound, because I have a surround sound system!

Observations, anyone?

PLAYSTATION Store Video Content Update