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Hardware Charts Part 2

I’ve added several more features to the console sales database and chart generator (you need to setup a free Zoho login to create your own charts):

  1. Lifetime Cumulative Sales Values
  2. Number of Weeks Since Launch. This allows creation of launch aligned charts.
  3. More data. Weekly Famitsu data going all the way back to 2000 and MediaCreate data going back to 2003. Full monthly NPD data back to 11/2006 and 360 data going back to launch. Unfortunately, I only have an aggregate total of 360 sales during January through October in 2006. LTD totals will be correct but you can’t see the month by month breakdown during this timeframe and you can see one of the charts below looks a little funny.
  4. More Consoles. Famitsu/MediaCreate data for PS1, Xbox1, GameCube, NeoGeo Pocket, and some consoles I’ve never even heard of (SwanCrystal?). I created a separate table called MasterSales that includes both the the obscure consoles and the Famitsu data. The regular Sales table doesn’t have this extra data so as not to confuse new users.

Any new ideas or data links that I may have missed?

Here are three new charts. These links are “live”, which means that when new data is added to the database, these chart graphics will automatically update.

As I said, I don’t have monthly breakdown data for 360 USA sales during Jan-Oct 2006, so that part of the graph looks a little wonky. The LTD totals are all correct however.

Thanks to and for source data.