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PSN Services

You know, i’s cool that there are widgets and apps and iPhone apps and whatnot revolving around keeping you up to date with your Xbox Live friends. Say you want to do some gaming online, and you want to know if any of your friends are there already. Do you need to turn on your 360? No? Just pull your iPhone out of your pocket and see if any of your friends online. Then you can decide whether you want to get the 360 machine up and humming.

This is all possible through the fact that Microsoft puts gamer information online for people to consume. Anyone can write an app that’ll poll the status of an Xbox gamer. It's a shame that Sony doesn’t do the same thing. The closest they have is a PSN – PSU link that requires logging in TWICE before you can see your friends online. Even then, you can’t send them messages or anything.

Man, if Sony made this kind of thing available, I'd boot up my Mac an make an iPhone app just for this purpose.

Mmmmm… two great tastes in one: PS3 and iPhone! Wouldn’t that be chewy!