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Bring Back Profiles!

Last night I was playing Timesplitters at Steve’s place on his GameCube. It’s a classic game and we had some fun duking it out in splitscreen mode. It was nice that I had my profile on there from last time we played too.

For those of you who are too next-gen to know, a profile is a set of preferences and other information tied to a handle that you make up. If you choose a certain profile, then all your settings and savegame information etc associated with that profile will be loaded. So if you invert Y (which you really should!), then that’ll be loaded with your profile.

Many many many GameCube and PS2 games had profiles. On the Xbox 360, you have global profiles so that if you have friends coming over to play regularly, they just have to log in once and any game they play with you will use that profile. It’s very handy, but can also be very frustrating. (Sometimes too many are signed in, or you have to sign in later, or whatever.)

But the PS3 has no such system. Some games, if they have a co-op mode, remember both of the players’ settings, but that’s about it. So every time the guys come over to play, they have to set up their preferences, which is a step backwards from the days of GameCube and PS2 gaming. The PS3 needs a profile system!