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Fall 2008 - What to Buy?

Well, it’s September now, and the fall season is upon us. That means one thing: games! Lots of ’em! Last night I downloaded the PURE demo and the game is gorgeous. (I just wish I didn’t have to do tricks. What a waste of time.) Anyway, this fall there are a ton of games coming out that are worthy of our consideration. Here’s my list of games that I’m looking at. I might not necessarily pick them up this fall (especially ones lower in the list), but I’ll pick them up sometime! What is your list? Games released up to the end of December only! No including Killzone 2 here! 🙂

Definite Buys:

MotorStorm 2

Highly Probable Buys:

Call of Duty 5
Rock Band 2
Wipeout HD

Take a Look, Buy if Good:

Resistance 2
Guitar Hero World Tour (if it works with my Rock Band instruments)
PAIN Amusement Park
Rise of the Argonauts (if multiplayer)

And there was supposed to be an action RPG with local co-op coming out this fall too, but the name escapes me right now…