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Profiles ARE Coming?

I haven’t seen this substantiated from anywhere else, but if true, it’s awefully coincidental that I was just asking for profile support, and now here it is!

Following on from the revelation that there will apparently be a Disney tie-in at some point, it’s now been revealed that when playing with friends locally each gamer will be able to sign into their own PSN account simultaneously, and can even all collect their own individual Trophies at the same time.

Sure, we’ve seen this before on countless 360 games, but we think this is the first PS3 game to offer this functionality, normally you’re just a replica of the main PSN account, as per Warhawk.

The interesting thing (assuming this is true) is that this hasn’t been talking about by Sony at all. There was no mention of this kind of support in any firmware update that I’m aware of. Has this functionality been there all along? Is this a recent thing? And the most important question of all: will other games start supporting this?

LBP: Multi User Logons