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Three Things the PS3 Still Needs

Hey everyone. I know we’ve done a ton of posts like this, but to be frank I don’t tire of thinking about how the PS3 can be improved. I know that it’s improved a lot already, but that’s not what this post is about. So I’ll tell you right off the bat that if you complain about the topic of this post, I’ll delete your post. My blog. Can do what I want. Ok?

I’ve seen a couple blog posts recently about this topic, and the things they were asking for were so small and insignificant I had to wonder if they gave the topic any thought at all, or are just looking to scare up readers with idiot ideas.

But with all the small things they could improve, I can only think of three major things that would improve my PS3 experience. Your mileage may vary. Here they are:

  1. Network Volume Support
    DLNA is nice and all, but I really want the PS3 to be able to find network shares on my local network and use media files that it finds directly. I’m finding that the DLNA solution isn’t a good fit for the way I have things set up. My NAS can’t run DLNA software effectively, and I don’t want to put yet another machine on my network to serve content off my NAS if I don’t have to.
  2. Cross Game Chat
    I want to be able to set up chats with just one friend, and for it to work within a game or cross games. That way I don’t have to worry about chatting with others or hearing their inane remarks.
  3. Profile Support
    You’ve seen the posts about this recently. I feel that is important for PS3 games to support settings, trophies, and other profile information on a per-gamer basis, even when they’re playing the same game on the same system at the same time. Or should I have said “especially” instead o “even”?

With all the updates Sony has given us, there are mostly only minor annoyances left with the PS3 experience. But these major ones still bother me and I hope that Sony can bring something to the table for us.