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PlayTV Thoughts from SL33PY

I just go an interesting e-mail from SL33PY, a regular reader here. I thought I’d post it here to get your thoughts:


I have been very enthusiastic about the upcoming addition to the PS3, PlayTV. I was looking forward to finally see all channels in HD quality.

Now today after some more thorough reading I nitced that PlayTV will support only the DVB-T standard, which means roof antenna and radio waves and stuff.

I already preordered my playtv in the uk, but now I regret doing so. In Belgium there are only 3 national stations available onn DVB-T and I don’t even own an antenna. Everyone in Belgium has cable!

I just wonder why they opted for DVB-T only? DVB-T is just a subset of the DVB standard. It shouldn’t be a problem to adopt the complete standard set, being DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C

I just wanted to highlight this and see your pov on the matter, even tough you live in Canada and won’t see the product. I’m also interested in all the other ps3Blog readers that are from Europe.

Greets ,