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Life with PlayStation now out

I only checked this out for a couple minutes before work so I can’t give a full impression yet. But first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t have very many cities yet. It doesn’t list mine either. Hopefully they’ll add more cities over time.

It’s to bad you can’t add your own city via zip code to get the weather and news for your area. It’s just using Google news for the news in that area. Oh well, maybe in a later update?

A cool feature with Life with PlayStation is real time clouds all over the world. They are updated about every hour or so. That info is coming from University of Wisconsin. And the actual weather is from the Weather Channel. It also has a web cams for the supported cities to.

To update just start up Folding@home, after the update the icon will change to Life with Playstation. Let us know what you think.

Folding@home does run in the background so might as well join our folding team 55054 😉

Start your “Life with PlayStation”