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Eurogamer’s Afrika Review

Eurogamer has reviewed the Japanese (and currently only) version of Afrika:

It’s not perfect. The visuals are a little disappointing; they’re pretty rather than stunning. While the animals look realistic they don’t exhibit much individual behaviour, and their actions can be predictable. And, oh all right, hiding behind bushes can get a bit boring.

Still. Afrika is one of the most pleasant, enjoyable and gently engrossing games I’ve played in a while. It’s a shame Sony isn’t releasing it here, and it’s worth importing. Especially if you’re the type of person who can imagine experiencing a special kind of thrill from snapping a monkey up a tree instead of shooting a zombie in the face. Though it’s not as much fun as running over a lion, obviously.

Bah! I wish Sony would remove their head from their arses and release Afrika in the West!! It’s exactly the type of game that Sony needs to add to the PS3’s library.

More variety is always good, especially with a unique title like Afrika. Even if it is a niche title, these types of games should be given a chance to sell.

I bet if you had guns and a First Person view it would be released in the West…

Afrika Review (Japan)