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Calling out the Blu-Ray Haters

It’s doesn’t get more clear cut than this, folks. Engadget is calling out tech blogs for hating on Blu-Ray.

Engadget is accusing sites of cherry picking a single 13% week over week decline and spinning that into an overall trend, while ignoring neighboring weeks where the format shows much stronger gains and also ignoring other stats showing bigger picture rises in blu-ray sales.

They call out ArsTechnica and Slashdot by name. Engadget writes:

for some reason, the 13 percent drop in Blu-ray sales last week got a lot of attention. What we can’t figure out is why the 30 percent increases during the two weeks before (combined) went unnoticed. It boggles the mind why so many so-called tech evangelists only pick up on the bad weeks

Either way, when movies like the Forbidden Kingdom and TV shows like Terminator are stealing double digits away from DVD, sales are not down. But hey, predicting the end of Blu-ray is just so much more fun than actually analyzing all the data, isn’t it? Ah well, we’ll let the haters hate — meanwhile, we’ll continue to enjoy the highest quality hi-def around.

A report from August on cites Home Media Research, showing a clear rise on Blu-Ray disc sales:

According to Home Media Research compiled by the Redhill Group, it appears that Blu-ray sales are actually quite solid for the year, and up 300 percent year-on-year from 2007.

The research says that Blu-ray movies are selling at about 1.14 million per month on average for the year, for a total of about 8 million. The combined total for 2006 and 2007 was about 6 million discs sold.

ITWorld also paints a negative picture without citing any market research or any data whatsoever. In an article titled, “Blu-Ray hits the skids, numbers continue to decline”, they write:

The cause could be a variety of factors, from the failing economy to the summer gaming doldrums, but the effect is clear: Blu-Ray as a media format is in decline.

As a side note, here is a tutorial, that just come out today, for writing your own BD-J applications in Java that can be played on any Blu-Ray player.