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Nine New PS3 Exclusives From Sony at TGS 2008?

Where are they?

I can count three new PS3 exclusives from Sony, two of which are smaller downloadable games:

  1. Demon’s Souls
  2. Dress
  3. Derby Time Online

And three new PS3 exclusive announcements from third-party publishers:

  1. Spelunker from IREM
  2. Quantum Theory from Tecmo
  3. Metal Gear Online Expansion from Konami

It’s safe to say, that this TGS was a disappointment. Now, the enthusiast gaming community is perpetually disappointed by absolutely everything (our appetite for new games and major announcements is “truly insatiable”). But this goes beyond the usual: This TGS was blatantly oversold.

And I want to know who is to blame. How did things change from nine new first/second party PS3 game announcements to a measely three (two of which are smaller, downloadable types)? Did games get pulled at the last minute? Did Sony lie? Did some news source butcher the facts and propagate the false info to everyone else?

UPDATE – EXPLANATION: Basically, Sony’s Japanese site listed all the titles that would appear at their booth and said (in Japanese) that there would be nine additional unannounced PS3 titles shown. By “unannounced”, they didn’t mean “brand new never before shown games”, but rather “omitted from the initial list of games present at the Sony booth” which is a heck of a lot less interesting. This includes things like Killzone 2 and flOwer, which were obviously shown before, but were “unannounced” in the sense that they weren’t initially identified as appearing at the TGS booth in that press release.

Who is to Blame: It looks like everyone’s favorite target, the western media, is ultimately to blame for this one. From what I can tell, this was a media mis-interpretation and telephone-like rumor embellishing and propagation that started from a Japanese Sony press release with an ambiguous translation.

(thanks rjcc for the info and links)

IGN: “Sony has nine unannounced first party PS3 games set for the show” (plus two from Konami/Irem)
Destructoid: “TGS 2008: Sony: 14 unannounced titles at TGS”
Gamespot: 12 internally developed PS3/PSP reveals. 9 Sony published PS3 reveals.
1UP: “Sony Plans to Show 11 Unannounced PS3 Games as TGS” (including Konami + Irem reveals)

Sony PR Manager, Ron Eagle, said this at E3 last July:

I’d also stand by for Tokyo Game Show. There are still other products that need time to incubate before they’re announced.