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More Resistance 2 Beta Co-Op Impressions



  • Game Balance Issue #1: Impossible to fail. As long as one player is alive, all other players will be on an auto respawn timer. As long as one player hangs back and avoids the action, the team will always respawn and can never lose. One player can even stand his character in a corner and put the game controller down and the team is invincible. What they should do, is remove the auto-respawn (only allow respawns by teammate revives) and allow the medic to do distance revivals or corpse drags. Or there should be some penalty for high death counts (maybe your weapons should degrade until the end of the round)
  • Game Balance Issue #2: The solider’s shield: This renders the player nearly invincible to most frontal attacks. If you have a spec-ops guy constantly feeding ammo to the solider so that the shield never dies, you have a nearly unstoppable duo with minimal skill.
  • Bugs: I know this is a “beta”, but the game has supposedly gone gold. I can’t play split-screen at all (the menus are there, but I get various errors) and competitive mode stats seemed to not work.



  • Concept is a Winner. The MMO style co-op is just awesome. Even with the issues cited above, and the limited amount of map content in the beta, the game is easy to get into, addicting, and a huge amount of fun.
  • Random level sequencing: From what I can tell, there is one map in the beta, but every play through gives you a randomly sequenced subset of the available battles and bosses. This makes replays more enjoyable because even when much of the content is repeated, there are often a few surprises, and the ordering of the content isn’t predictable.