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PS3 Outselling 360 On Third Party Software

This is somewhat surprising. By looking at the USA NPD numbers, multiplatform software generally sells roughly twice as well on the 360 as it does on the PS3.

However, when looking at financial statements from EA, Namco Bandai, Konami, and Ubisoft, their worldwide totals show the opposite: PS3 is actually moving more software on a worldwide basis.

According to EA’s previous financial statement, the PS3 accounted for about 17% of total revenue in comparison to the Xbox 360’s 10%.

According to [Namco Bandai’s] recent financial statement, the PS3 currently moved approximately 57% more software than it’s direct competitor, the Xbox 360

according to Konami’s recent financial statements, the PS3 accounted for a whopping 57.3% of the sales this past quarter, while the Xbox 360 accounted for only 2.6%.

According to UbiSoft’s half year financial report (6 months 2008/09), the PS3 accounted for about 20% of the software sales compared to the Xbox 360’s 14%.

The Konami numbers aren’t very telling since their main title of the past quarter, MGS4, was PS3 exclusive. However, Namco, EA, and Ubisoft? Namco seems to be releasing much more 360 exclusives, so it’s very surprsing that the company still gets more revenue from PS3 sales. I suspect this may be because Namco releases more 360 software in the west, but in Japan, they release more of those weird titles on the PS3 that westerners generally don’t care or hear about.