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Resistance 2 Splitscreen Impressions

With all the games coming out around this time, I decided to rent Resistance 2 before buying, and my friend Steve came over last night to try it out with me. Steve and I played splitscreen last night, and to sum up, I won’t be buying this game until some issues are addressed.

So here are my impressions of playing 2 player splitscreen (co-op) with Steve. I also tried to play 2 player splitscreen (competitive), but that didn’t work, see below.


  • Nice Graphics
    I was in the beta, and the graphics there were very underwhelming. I thought that there was a long way to go to make Resistance 2 live up to expectations. Well it looks like they did it, and everything looks great.
  • Class System
    You choose among soldier, medic, and special ops. It turns out that you have to have a medic in order to provide healing services. And you have to have a special ops to provide amo. So those are the two classes Steve and I played (I played medic). The classes are a lot of fun. I enjoyed being a medic and healing my teammate. He enjoyed providing ammo.
  • Leveling Up
    Since Call of Duty 4 introduced me to leveling up in a first person shooter, I’ve been addicted. I love the incentive that it provides, and I love the rewards of getting new things with each level I go up.
  • Good Level Variety
    We had fun completing the different objectives in the Chicago level. It was nice that there were different objectives to complete and that they would be strung together.
  • Just Plain Fun
    The most important one! This game is just plain fun to play. Steve and I played this game over and over again (see the cons below as to why) because it was fun.


  • Class System
    The class system was obviously set up for an eight player match, where there can be more variety in who chooses what class. But if you’re only playing two players, you don’t really have a choice but to play medic and special ops. There’s no way to have a heavy hitter playing, because he’ll either run out of ammo or run out of health. This was severely limiting, and Steve and I between us had much less firepower than was needed. We died a lot. And I mean a lot. This was more than a little frustrating.
  • Leveling Up
    When I leveled up to level 2, I got a load-out that gave me a carbine. I also got an area-effect berserk. This was great. When Steve leveled up to level 2, he got… nothing. I don’t know if this was because special ops don’t get anything at level 2, or if it’s because he was playing as player 2. Either way, it was disappointing. EDIT: Oops, I was mistaken. I remember now. The problem was in how we looked for his information. He did indeed get the bullseye, but we didn’t see it at first. Somewhat confusing.
  • Player 2 Progress Not Saved!
    I saw online that Insomniac was thinking about tying player 2’s progress to their own PSN account, which would be cool. But at least the game would store progress locally, right? Nope! At one point during the evening last night I exited Resistance 2 and restarted my machine (see why below). Upon re-entering splitscreen co-op, all of Steve’s progress in leveling up his character was lost! This was a deal killer. Why put in all that effort to level up a character when all that work is lost? Crazy. This has to be fixed ASAP.
  • Mission Objectives Not Tracked??
    Starting the Chicago level, it says that there are 0 of 10 objectives completed. We played this game over and over until finally we didn’t die long enough to see us go from one objective to another.. We recognized it immediately because we started the game so many times. (Each time you start, you are randomly given one of several objectives.) Upon dying, however, and trying again, it said that we still had 0 of 10 objectives completed. Is this a bug, or are objectives a lot bigger than we thought?
  • No Checkpoint Saves
    Steve and I played this game a lot last night, but not once did we hit a checkpoint, so we had to start over every single time we died. Quite frustrating.
  • Online Connection Problems
    I’ve researched this, and see that lots of other people are having these connection problems. It happens predominantly with two player splitscreen online. I noticed that I had NAT Type 3, which was new. So I fixed that up so I went back to NAT Type 2 (required a reset of my router and PS3). But this didn’t fix the issue. I never had any connection issues with any other online game, so this is very new to me, and quite frustrating. This needs to be fixed ASAP. We tried to play splitscreen online competitive, but this prevented us.
  • Unused Screen Real Estate
    The splitscreen for two players is horizontal, not vertical like in Resistance 1. But there’s some area on both sides of the screen that go unused. This is annoying to say the least. Why do I have a large widescreen television if the game doesn’t even make use of the whole screen?

Bottom Line

So there you have my frustrations with this game. I’ll be trying this game on my own before I return it, and I’m sure that portion will be great. But there’s no way I’ll be buying this game until most of the issues above have been solved.

PS Darrin: I hope you don’t mind that I copied your format! 🙂