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CoD:WaW Co-op Splitscreen Impressions

Call of Duty 5 (a.k.a. Call of Duty: World at War) has several things that Call of Duty 4 did not. Like Capture the Flag and War. And an online four player co-op campaign. Oh, and a local splitscreen co-op campaign! Nice! I’ve long been looking forward to playing this, and last night before going to see Quantum of Solace (mini-review: not nearly as good as Casino Royale), Steve and I played us some CoD:WaW splitscreen co-op.

The Good

  • Its Existence
    The developers didn’t have to put this into the game, but they did, and I’m grateful. I really enjoy playing splitscreen co-op games with Steve, and I’m glad that this game gave us the opportunity.
  • It’s Fun
    The co-op campaign, so far, has been fun to play. I chose the competitive mode, where you compete for points. This is on by default, so I’m maybe I should have said “didn’t un-choose” the mode. 🙂 But I like racking up the kills and seeing my points total go up as I work through the level. The levels so far have been somewhat interesting, though very scripted (but I didn’t expect otherwise). I ran out of ammo for my machine gun a lot, and had to use a rifle, which I’m not so good with. The flame thrower is fun, but of limited use. And I lost it going to the next mission.

The Bad

  • Character Differentiation
    Usually I don’t have any problems trying to determine who to shoot. But in this game I do. I often shoot anyway, and let the score (minus red or plus yellow) tell me if I’m hitting a good guy or bad. That’s ridiculous.
  • Mission Fail from One Death
    Playing these games, you typically fail the mission when both you and your partner die. Once, however, I was still alive after Steve died, and we failed. How does that work?

The Ugly

  • Doesn’t Use Whole Screen
    Playing splitscreen, the two screen are beside each other. But there is area both above and below each screen that is unused, and it’s quite annoying. Screen real estate is precious – please use it!
  • No Leveling Up
    Back when Treyarch first started talking about this game, they gave the impression that you’d be able to level up your character from any of the game’s modes (except maybe competitive splitscreen). I’m here to tell you that this is not the case. You do not get to level up your character playing this game in splitscreen mode, which is quite disappointing.

The Rest

That’s after playing for about an hour. 🙂 If my opinion changes any after more playtime, I’ll add a follow-up post.