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From here we find out this information about clubs. (I rearranged it a bit).

Club feature is added.

A club is an organization for users that share the same objectives. Clubhouse is a private place for members of a club to gather around. Even users that are not added to your Friends List can request to join or get invited.

  • You have to purchase a club before using it. But during Closed Beta test you can use it for free.
  • Each user account can only create one club.
  • The maximum number of members for each club is 32, including the creator.
  • The maximum number of clubs each user can join is 5, including the one created by that user.
  • Users that are not members of the club will not be able to enter the associated clubhouse.
  • You can add furniture to the clubhouse.
  • Bulletin Board is available in the clubhouse. Only the leader (owner of the clubhouse) or subleaders (assigned by the leader) can post messages on the board.
  • Maximum number of messages to be posted at the same time is 4.

Note: if you have joined 5 clubs already, then you cannot create your own club.

※ To learn more about how to create a club, please refer to Menu Pad > “Help” > “Clubs”.
※ You have to set up your PlayStation®Network wallet before purchasing a club.
※ Club is a service that requires regular payment. During Closed Beta test users can enjoy this service free of charge.
※ Note: all the clubs and clubhouses will be deleted at the end of Closed Beta test.

I like the idea of a club. I’d like to create one for readers. But I have a two worries:

  1. Just 32 users? So there’s me, Tosh, Darrin, Gary, and Trev. Add a couple friends of mine, and that leaves just about 22 slots for my readers. That’s not enough! Tosh and I thought that maybe “32” means “32 people in the clubhouse space at the same time”, with more members allowed. But the wording I’ve seen contradicts that.
  2. I really don’t like the line that reads “Club is a service that requires regular payment.” I hate having to continuously pay for something. That’s one of the reasons I like PSN – it’s free! I can stomach paying a one-time fee for a club, but I’m not so sure I’m willing to continue paying month after month.

What do you all think?