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November Hardware Sales

PS3 has been delivering some awesome software but these sales numbers don’t look good. They aren’t horrible, over 450K of new sales isn’t bad for a month, but for a holiday month compared with the rave success of the competition, it’s a big disappointment. It’s even worse, when you consider that PS3 arguably has the best lineup of software and how little that seemed to help. LittleBigPlanet didn’t even chart in the top ten which is another disappointment. I would argue that that title is the most innovative, entertaining, and accessible game of this generation and Sony isn’t doing a good enough job of getting the word out. For a medium to heavy gamer, who wants WiFi and online, the PS3 is arguably the best deal, but it’s clear that the system sales are being hurt by the lack of a gifting-friendly entry price. Also, beyond price, games, and features, the PS3 has an image problem. The Wii and 360 have built up more brand loyal fan bases that don’t want to switch to another console for price or more innovative games.

As a gamer, I’m loving the amazing game titles out now, the 2009 lineup looks amazing, and I’m optimistic that that level of quality can turn these sales numbers around.