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How to get Namco Arcade Cabinets in Home

First off don’t download it from the Japanese PlayStation store. Download it from the Hong Kong store. Why because the Arcade Cabinets only work with the Hong Kong version. So make a HK PSN account and search for a big N, it should be under New Releases still. Download it, but only play it under your own personal account, so the stuff you unlock can be used in Home.

There are 4 games to play, and since it’s a beta, only the first 2 stages are available. You can play Pac-Man, Galaga , Dig Dug, and Xevious. There are 4 unlockables for each game. I managed to get them all finally. It also unlocks things to decorate your pad, plus t-shirts, pants, and a hat.

A note though, in order for your guests to play the arcade cabinets, they need to have the HK Namco Museum Beta on their PlayStation 3. But when you play the games in Home, it actually launches the Namco Museum Beta application, but it takes you right to that game. I wish it was like the arcade cabinets in the bowling ally, where it just zooms into the screen and you play. But since this is a Beta, maybe the final release with support this. I hope they bring it to all the regions. It’s a great idea! Here is what they look like, click photos for a full size view.

1 Cherry – 1 gift in Home
1 Strawberry – 1 gift in Home
Beat first level – 1 gift in Home
Eat all 4 ghosts with one power pellet. – 1 gift in Home

Beat Stage 1 – 1 gift in Home
Beat Stage 2 – 1 gift in Home
Get a Dual Fighter (let one of the yellow guys capture a ship then get it back by killing yellow guy) – 1 gift in Home
Get Your Ship Captured & Destroy It – 1 gift in Home

Beat first stage – 1 gift in Home
Get carrot in 1st stage – 1 gift in Home
Get turnip in second stage – 1 gift in Home
Kill 2 monsters with 1 rock – 1 gift in Home

Complete first area
Complete second area
Find the Sol Tower using a bomb
Find the flag and retrieve it using a bomb.

Male gifts from Namco beta
* Namco hat
* 5 t-shirts
* 1 pair of shorts

Female gifts from Namco beta
* 5 t-shirts
* 1 pair of shorts
* 1 pair of shoes

Home space decoration/furniture from Namco beta
* 4 arcade cabinet
* 1 pooka statue
* 1 Namco chair
* 1 four in one table top arcade cabinet (to get the 4-in-1 table game cabinet, you need to unlock all 4 available achievements for all 4 games to get to Level 3)