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! Metal Gear Online Demo !

If you don’t have MGS4 and want to try MGO, now is your chance! It’s under new demos on the PlayStation Store. I personally love the game. The game has a LOT of depth to it. A lot of different skills, you can earn points to buy new things for your character. Actually the main games I play at the moment are MGO and LittleBigPlanet. If your in the North American MGO server, add me. I’m xBerserker on MGO. Sadly the MGO servers are region locked though 🙁

This game does have a learning curve, so give it some time!. Some tips for you:

* Go into the training area, and tweak your settings until your happy with them
* Try some CQC in training
* Turn auto-aim off
* Aim in 3rd person view and try to go for the head shot

This is not a run and gun game! Don’t run around in the open very long, you’ll regret it. This is a squad / tactical shooter. Some of the new game modes in the MEME Expansion are great. Stealth Death Match is very fun, everyone has stealth enabled. May sound boring, but the level actually starts to constrict to a very small circle. So it forces everyone to come together. And the central point is random.

Now there is a MGO Tournament that happens every weekend around 1900 and 2200. You can earn items for your character if you win 1st or 2nd place. The items can only be earned in Tournaments. Be sure to check out Survival, the days it happens change. Right now I think it’s Wednesday – Friday night.

I know their is a lot of hate surrounding MGO, but I don’t get it. It’s very fun, yes it’s very unique, but that’s why I love it. What other game can you run around in cardboard boxes and place adult magazines to “distract” your enemies. There is even “man launchers” at least that’s what I call it, lol.

Yes the Konami ID is a drag, I wish it was integrated into the PSN. But after you set it up you never have to remember you log in really. It remembers it for you. The last survey I took about the game asked about different payment methods for expansion packs. One option was the PSN Wallet. So who knows, maybe PSN integration is coming? At least try the demo for a while before you knock it.

I’m not sure what modes are in the Metal Gear Online demo, so let us know.

Konami is also launching a contest around the MEME Expansion:

“Additionally, Metal Gear fans can now purchase Metal Gear Online – MEME Expansion and have the opportunity to win a limited edition, Metal Gear Online Happy New Year T-Shirt. MEME Expansion contains a vast amount of content including new maps, special characters, new skills, new customizable characters, funny avatar parts and more. 1,200 randomly selected players will win one of three different styled in-game shirts, which will be distributed on January 5th, 2009. Metal Gear Online is available for a SRP of $9.99 through MGOnline’s in-game shop. For more information please visit:”

Metal Gear Online demo hits Playstation Network