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Game Idea Wish List #2: Afrika - Cambrian Edition


The premise behind Afrika and Aquatopia sounds interesting. I love wildlife, but for present day wildlife, I can already get documentaries with phenomenal real life footage in something like Planet Earth. With those high quality documentaries available, a 3D simulation on the PS3 isn’t really necessary.

On the other hand, what would blow my mind, is if I could explore a 3D simulation of the Earth in the Cambrian period. Since that era ended 488 million years ago, we have no footage of that period, and only fossils and scientist sketches of what life may have looked like. I’d like to see those scientist sketches fleshed out into a full blown accurate virtual Earth.

No really. I’ve read about this stuff in biology classes and it would absolutely blow my mind if I could explore a graphical simulation of these prehistoric plants, insects, and animals moving, finding food, fending off predators, succumbing to parasites, competing for mates, raising offspring, and the other dramas of wildlife.