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Sony’s Keyboard Peripheral

Yesterday I picked up Sony’s keyboard peripheral for PS3 controllers.

As a keyboard, this thing is great. It’s thinner than I expected, and just clips onto the controller easily. It doesn’t actually “connect” to the controller in any way, so you could actually use it separately if you really wanted to. It’s a Bluetooth keyboard that you pair to your PS3 by connecting the two with a USB cable momentarily. This is also how you charge the keyboard’s on-board battery. The keyboard is surprisingly thin, and doesn’t get in the way at all when gaming, which is nice.

As a cursor for navigating the XMB or whatever, this thing sucks. It has a mode you can put it in which makes all the keys behave somewhat like one big trackpad. This feature didn’t work very well for me at all, but I didn’t care that much since I have no need for such a feature anyway. UPDATE: I had indeed neglected to calibrate the keyboard. Once I did that, it worked much better. But I still don’t need it. 🙂

I think this keyboard is great. It does everything that I want, and does it well. Here are some pics I took with my brand new Nikon D40 camera. 🙂