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Games Night(mare)

Ah crap. Sorry guys that I had all those connection issues and couldn’t join you for a game. It was quite frustrating to set up a games night and then not be able to join in the fun! I had a problems joining the party, obviously. I thought the problem was that my PS3 said I had a NAT3 connection. It took quite a bit of fiddling (while you guys were playing!), but I finally got it to say NAT2. I was jubilant for a while until your game finished and Tosh invited me and I still couldn’t join. Gaaaar!

If I had a cat I’d have kicked it. I was so frustrated.

Whenever I accepted an invite I either got a connection error or I was moved to the Find Match screen. What’s up with that? Call of Duty 4’s matchmaking system just sucks. I can’t believe that they released, and have not fixed, this. I have a feeling that they haven’t changed a thing for Call of Duty 5. But I guess I need to test that to find out for sure. Any guinea pigs want to help me find out? UPDATE: I’ll be online tonight if anyone wants to help me test.

The problem now is that I still don’t have this issue fixed. I don’t know what the issue is! Grrrr….

At least the meet and greet beforehand in HOME went well…