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PS3Blog Gamers Night #2 - Tuesday 13jan09!

Hey everyone! Last Tuesday games night didn’t go so well for me because I couldn’t join the party (at least the rest of you could play!). I decided that to remedy that, we’d try a different game instead! For example, last night I got into a party to play CoD5 co-op with a friend, and it worked like a charm. I also have Warhawk and I’m pretty sure that will work.


Games night #2 will be on Tuesday 13jan09 at 10PM EST. I suggest we play Call of Duty: World at War or Warhawk. If you are a member of the HOME club, you might want to drop by the club beforehand to chat and discuss what kind of games you like (Headquarters, Deathmatch, etc). Don’t forget that HOME requires you to hold down R2 to talk.

Vote in the comments about which game you want to play. Warhawk or Call of Duty: World at War?

UPDATE: We need more people!

UPDATE 2: Would someone like to organize a European games night for the same evening? Say at 9pm GMT so that people further east can join too?

UPDATE 3: Status So Far

North America (10pm EST):

Warhawk: Blackstaffer, Trieloth, Tosh (?), paxpacis, Sinlock
CoD5: Eric, Bryan

Europe (9pm GMT):

Warkawk: Børten, Emrah(?), paxpacis, Glitch (?)