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Games Night #2 Redux

Well, Trieloth, Warpdrive, and I got to play some Warhawk last night. It was pretty good although we didn’t game THAT much because we started pretty late. A couple people didn’t show up.

Starting the game from HOME wasn’t without problems either.

First there were communication problems. Warpdrive got into HOME okay but for some reason didn’t come into the clubhouse (I’ll have to talk to him about that). (UPDATE: he says that the clubhouse wouldn’t download.) He tried calling me within HOME, and the connection was established, but we couldn’t hear one another. (UPDATE: Actually, he could hear me, but I couldn’t hear him.) That wasn’t a problem for the HOME conversation I had 15 minutes earlier with Sinloth. So I don’t know what the problem was there. Another problem was within the clubhouse. I couldn’t speak to Trieloth – pushing R2 to talk just didn’t work. Nothing happened.

Second, game launching had problems too. I set up the game, and since this was the first time I ever did this, wasn’t sure if I needed to wait for Trieloth to join. I waited a bit just in case and sure enough, Trieloth joined my match. So then I launched the game. It started the game for me just fine, but Trieloth got kicked and had to re-enter the game manually. Warpdrive, who never joined us in HOME, also entered the game manually.

I created a public game because I didn’t know if PSN friends could join a private match. That was a good choice because some other people we didn’t know joined the game too and helped fill the ranks. My connection only allows 8 player matches, so I created a Small Deathmatch game.

We played three games. The first game I got creamed, and IIRC Trieloth took the crown. The second game I won. The last game… I don’t remember. I just know that I didn’t win. It was quite fun, but I think Warpdrive’s headset was producing a lot of static.

Anyway, all in all I enjoyed games night once it got rolling. I just wish more people had showed up (and on time). It’s lonely waiting around in HOME with nobody there.

While I was in the clubhouse, I discovered another problem. I posted on the bulletin board, and it said that the date of posting was the 14th. This was yesterday, so it should have said the 13th. It’s also annoying that the bulletin board only allows very short messages. Why does the “paper” show a lot of space for text, if you can only use what amounts to two lines of it?

Trying to set up a games night showed me that I can’t help anyone not in my timezone. If you Europeans want to set up a games night, someone will have to take the lead on that. I’ll only be arranging North American game nights.

Is there any interest in having me continue to attempt these game nights? Is it okay if only a few of us show up and game with mostly strangers? I was hoping we could get a regular group together. Once Killzone 2 hits I know I’ll be able to draw more of you, but I had wanted to get this up and going before that.

What do you think?