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Third Parties To Drop Support For PS3… According to Microsoft

At CES 2009, Microsoft Xbox Exec Aaron Greenberg says:

Historically, third parties would give us great support and lead developed on our platform, but they would say “In Europe, we have to still support the PS3” but now that that has switched

I try to be cool-headed and not hyper defensive about this kind of thing… But I’m going to call Mr. Greenberg out on this and say this is BS.

In fact, I predict the exact opposite and you can hold me to it: The amount of third party support for the PS3 will go up in 2009, not down.

If you read the interview, notice that the questions were completely neutral and were not baiting an inflammatory quote.

I’ll keep future posts constructive, happy, and non-argumentative, but remember: If at the end of 2009, I point out that the PS3 has had an amazing year, complete with amazing and increased third party support, a simple “I told you so” might be in order.

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