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Killzone 2 Clan for the Rest of Us?

Every week my friends and I get together for some gaming. Sometimes we play boardgames (tonight we’re getting together to play Struggle for Rome, a new Settlers game I recently bought). Usually we play video games. We play an assortment of games, but we always try to play at least one four-player splitscreen FPS. Mike and I are the two of the four of us that actually play FPS’s outside of our weekly game night, and I’ve been doing it for longer, so usually the standings leave me at the top with Mike sometimes beating me out. So usually after a games night I feel pretty good about myself. 😉

But then I go play online and get totally creamed. I’m quite used to scoring at the bottom of the list. Sometimes I make it up as high as a third of the way up. Every once in a while the stars align and I happen to get placed with a bunch of players near my skill level and I get into the top half. My kill/death ratio is far below unity. (Alternatively, you could say my death/kill ratio is far above one.)

Killzone 2 is coming up, and I would love to play the game regularly with a regular group of people. But I don’t really want to get my ass handed to me every time I play, like in most FPS’s I play online.

So I was wondering if anyone out there is interested in a clan full of people like me? That is, gamers who enjoy first person shooters, know how to follow objectives, know which way to point the gun, but just aren’t all that good at it. I admit that I’m one of them. I like playing Call of Duty: World at War, but it’s depressing to put so much time into it and always do poorly. I just don’t have the hand-eye coordination required.

We could get a clan together full of equally (un)skilled players, and we could play against one another on a regular basis. And if we’re feeling masochistic, we can try to take on another clan.

Anyone? Maybe we can get a list together so that by the time Killzone 2 arrives, we can create a clan. We’ll also need a clan name. Oh, and if you’re too good, we’ll kick you out. 🙂

Edit: Here’s the thread on the official Killzone 2 forums that I made about this. Link.