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Games Night #4 - 27jan09 - CoD 4/5

UPDATE: Not many takers for games night tonight? We’ll try CoD4 first. You guys might have to play without me if I can’t join your party. I think I may have fixed that problem but I won’t know until tonight. Unless you want to play CoD5, which works for me. Whoever wants to play: if you’re not already in the HOME club, sorry. 🙂 You’ll have to send my a PSN friend invite (mention PS3Blog). My PSN ID is Blackstaffer.

I know that the last games night didn’t go off too well, mostly because Tosh and I both had to do firmware updates and weren’t online at 10pm. Since I doubt that Sony will release another update within a week, and we all know that Activision never updates their CoD games unless there’s a sword at their neck, I think we’ll be pretty safe next week if I choose CoD.

Depending on the number of people interested, we can either play four player co-op (if we go with CoD:WaW), or we can get into some regular multiplayer matches.

So who’s interested in some Call of Duty: World at War or Modern Warfare on 27jan09 at 10PM EST?