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KZ2 Somewhat Co-opy?

Since I learned that bots are in KZ2, I’ve been wondering if me and my friends could get together on one team, and battle against bots on the other team. Kind of a co-op mode, if you will. Well, this here isn’t official confirmation, but it’s a little bit of hope:

PHlooG wrote:

Can I: Create a game that is limited to my friends only, no one else, then put all my friends on one team, and fill the other team with bots, so that my friends and I can play semi-cooperatively in battles against 100% AI forces?


Follow-up – – same scenario, but can I have three friends AND AI on one team, and an equal number of ALL AI on the other team?

I think with a bit of fiddling you should be able to do that by swapping factions before the game starts. Not 100% sure, would have to try it, but I think you can.

Seb Downie – QA Manager – Guerrilla Games

I’m crossing my fingers.

Ask the dev – 1 month till release edition – Killzone 2 (PS3)

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