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Killzone 2 Demo Impressions - Tosh Edition

I was thinking about skipping the demo so when I got the full game it would feel fresh. But I heard the demo was short so I thought I’d give it a try.

There are 2 main sections in the demo, the beach/bridge area and the warehouse. The controls take some getting used to, I tried other controller settings. But I went back to the default, it really is the best layout. I feel really at home with it now.

The AI in the game is very good. One point I was just biding my time behind cover for a bit and they threw a grenade to flush me out, and there teammates opened fire as I exited cover. The Helgast never sit in the open waiting to get shot either. They pop out to take some shots, but they return to cover. Sometimes they team up on me while others try to flank me from the side. So this is not a run and gun game.

When you enter the warehouse there are 2 Helgast soldiers just talking to each other. If you threw a grenade in the middle of them they scream “GRENADE!” and try to run away from it, lol.

The cover system is easy to use too. Just hold L2 to stick to cover, and press the left stick up to pop out of cover. When your out of ammo you automatically go back to cover to reload which is nice. If your in the open for very long you won’t last long either. I played the demo about 5 times so far, and each play though is a little different. I want to try it with no HUD (heads up display) next time.

Surround sound in this game is outstanding too, great way to show off your system. The gun fire is very intense when you have the sound blasted. The lighting is amazing, I spend a while looking at it after I finished off the Helgast. There is your standard exploding barrels. But there are also fuel tanks, when you shoot them a few times it begins to leak fuel and you see a stream of fire come from it and it flips around for a second then explodes. Very cool effect.

Sometimes the Helgast are hard to kill when they are hiding behind cover. You can pick them off with a well placed head shot. Or throw a grenade near them will force them to run from it to avoid death. Yes the demo is short, but the demo doesn’t time out so you take your time and explore. Try shooting the fully destructive environment. The demo is based on the review code, so it’s close to the final build.