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Games Night #6 Redux

Last night we had our sixth games night. First we met up in Home. I hadn’t realized how similarly our avatars were configured until HELLACHEAP joined us, who looked much different. Nice outfit, dude. Then Tosh caught flies for a bit before four of us launched into Warhawk. Let’s see. There was me (Blackstaffer), Tosh (xBerserker), Trieloth, and Sinlock. (I think. Since turning 40 my memory has mushed.) Tosh’s connection is much better than mine I guess because he can set up 24 player matches and I can only set up 8 player matches.

The most disappointing thing about the evening is that we kept getting placed on opposite teams. I understand why in the first game, because there were the four of us plus two strangers (playing splitscreen – what a great option). So we had to be split up for that game. But for the rest of the games we had plenty of players, yet we were always split up two to a team.

The first game also game me audio problems. Audio was terrible and all static-like. All audio, not just voice chat. I tried disabling voice chat, but that didn’t help. So when that game finished I tried to quit and re-enter, but it didn’t give me the option of just quitting the game. I had to go to Home first, so I decided just to reset my PS3 because that was faster. (Home takes way too long to load.) After I’d reset my PS3 things were much better.

It didn’t seem like anybody was using a headset. I didn’t hear a peep all evening. So I might as well have been playing a bunch of bots. To be honest, I didn’t have much fun. I rarely saw the other members of our group up close, and when I did, Tosh just dispatched me with ease. Frankly, I think that Warhawk is much funner with a smaller group of people on smaller maps. Plus the need for communication via headsets was once again underlined.

Next week: CoD4. Those of you without it, maybe you could rent it for the evening. There’s always a way to join us. Last week we had six people, this week we only had four. Next week I’d like to see more than six! Please come and join us, and make sure you have a headset. You’ll need one for Killzone 2 anyway.