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Does PS3 need it’s own “App Store”?

Apple iPhone’s application store is notorious. Every other smart phone vendor either has an app store or has public plans to launch such a store.

The core idea is simple: a centralized hub for a diverse selection of third-party developed applications for all kinds of niche uses.

Obviously, the PS3 has a store, but it’s only for games and video content and only features Sony sanctioned content.

Imagine all kinds of custom apps that could be offered.

  • Integration with non-Sony music stores such as iTunes and Amazon.
  • Integration with non-Sony video stores such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix.
  • Media hub enhancements. DVD ripping, better codec support
  • Native IM and telephony clients.
  • Custom web browser based on Firefox or WebKit
  • Native clients to access Zoho or Google Docs, so it’s more practical to do cloud word processing or spreadsheet work with a USB keyboard + mouse.
  • Photo editor, high quality text editor, and other staple PC apps that could make the PS3 a more capable web PC.

So what do you think? Great idea? Would Sony ever do this or would this jeopardize Sony control over the platform?