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Flower Impressions

I caved and bought Flower, and I’m glad I did actually. The SIXAXIS implementation in the game is very well done, very natural and easy to jump right in. You only have one button to worry about (any button will do), and that just makes the wind faster.

There is no risk of failure either, so anyone can play this game. There are some tense moments though. Plenty of trophies in Flower, most of them are very easy to achieve. The “Pure” trophy is a tuff one, I’m still working on it.

The graphics, sound fx, and music in the game are great. The grass effects are the best I’ve seen. It’s fun to just fly high in the sky and look at the environment below. Each level is unique and fun to explore. The last level is great too, I wish it ended a little different. But it still has a good ending. I don’t want to say to much about the levels to keep this spoiler free for you. But I can see myself going back to play this off and on.

There are six levels total, 7 if you include the credits. BTW, interactive credits should be the standard in all games, so fun ๐Ÿ˜› I remember that even Golden Axe in the Sega Genesis days had interactive credits, lol …. anyway.

Screen shots and trailers don’t do this game justice. You must experience it first hand. Is it worth $9.99? Yes it is. I don’t regret buying it at all. I noticed several people on my buddy list playing it as well. I’d call this game more of a artful, relaxing, zen experience than an “game”. It’s another great unique game to have in the PSN store.